Creative Expression

I am drawn to the fluid, nonverbal experience of both dancing and water-color painting. Feelings emerge as we delve into these realms that create a sense of wholeness and wonder. We tap into healing and wisdom that come from beyond words if only we are open, inviting, and accepting of our process. I have taken classes in water-color painting for many years, including learning about the therapeutic aspect of freeform painting. I have explored creative dance since I was a young woman. While these mediums are deeply satisfying, we can also enter the territory of fear and self-criticism. We can find ourselves at an impasse as to how to proceed, particularly when we experience a place of internal emptiness. I am drawn towards understanding those processes that impede self-expression. If you are wanting an understanding presence in your creative endeavors, I would be honored to help you move through your frustration to a deeper place of inner freedom.


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