FullSizeRender (4)Trauma is an experience of terror where there is no safe ground.The hoped for order of things gets annihilated and a sense of profound helplessness pervades. It feels as if every cell in your body is attacked by an overwhelming toxic force. The source of the attack can be physical as in sexual abuse, combat, environmental assault, and lethal punishing behaviors in personal relationships. The attack can also be psychological, severe shaming behaviors that are aimed at destroying the core of your integrity.

If you have suffered trauma, it is essential that you develop a deep sense of compassion for your wounding. Learning to be present for yourself as you were then helps you begin to sense and imagine what you need now to have a fulfilling life. Connecting with the pain of your experience with true empathy is a delicate process. It requires that you develop ways to recover your balance if you merge too rapidly with past experience. It is important to stay in the present, witnessing the past, rather than merging completely with your history.

At the time of the trauma you were completely without solace and safety. You were trying desperately to survive. As our relationship unfolds and trust takes hold, you are no longer alone with the horrific memories. You can rely on my care and guidance to find your way back to your birthright of wholeness.


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